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Pflugerville ISD approves plans for more affordable housing for faculty, staff

Julianna Russ PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — Staff in Pflugerville ISD could expect to get help with affordable housing as the cost of living continues to rise.   The district said it approved an agreement Thursday night with the Texas Workforce Housing Foundation to work with certain apartment complexes in the area, providing more affordable rent.   The board said it also approved a $2 million contract with a company to develop its own housing for teachers.   Adam Harden, an attorney representing Texas Workforce Housing Foundation, spoke on the affordable housing plan.   “What the offer is, is that they’ll be responsible for financing it, rehabbing it, maintaining it,” Harden said. “The district will not take on any debt. There won’t be any taxes that will be levied on your citizens to support it. It’s just pure. We want to support the district’s personnel.”   The plans come as many teachers said they have struggled to keep up with the cost of living in the area, some even taking up second jobs or moving away from the district.   In-depth:  The Texas Workforce Housing Foundation also established an agreement with Round Rock ISD with an initial $1 million to go into an affordability fund and $50,000 per year for each property.   The money will be used to help lower rent prices for district staff at apartment complexes in the area. Staff could also use it for rent payments, moving expenses and security deposits.  

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