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Building Tomorrow Together

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There is an urgent need to provide rent relief solutions to address both the affordable housing and workforce housing crises that impact the ‘missing middle’ within the housing spectrum.

Texas Workforce Housing Fund (TWHF) offers a dedicated solution to assist educators with housing affordability. This program is tailored for district employees, providing them with an annual rent voucher totaling $3,000. This initiative aims to reduce the financial burden of housing for educators, ensuring they can live comfortably and close to their place of work.

Here's how it works: Once an educator is deemed eligible for the program, TWHF directly provides the voucher to the apartment complex where the educator resides, within its network. This voucher decreases the educator's rental costs, making housing more accessible and affordable.

This initiative by TWHF represents a significant step towards supporting educators in Texas, recognizing their essential role in our communities and addressing the growing concern of housing affordability among this critical workforce.

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Become a Partner: Tackle the Housing Crisis for Educators. Make a Difference by Building Affordable Housing Solutions and Supporting Education Excellence!

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Already $3,000,000.00 of pledged donations for
employees of Texas public school districts!


Building a Stronger Texas

At the Texas Workforce Housing Foundation, our mission is deeply rooted in fostering community strength and stability through affordable housing solutions.

Collaborative Development for Affordable Living

We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home - a sanctuary that is both affordable and of high quality. To make this vision a reality, we have embarked on a journey of partnership with leading developers across the state. These strategic collaborations are designed to construct and offer housing that is not just a space to live, but a place to thrive, all while keeping costs manageable. Our partnerships enable us to reduce rental rates, making comfortable living a reality for more Texans.

Empowering Education Professionals

Understanding the pivotal role of education in shaping our community, we have forged alliances with multiple Independent School Districts. In our unique program, we proudly offer a helping hand to the dedicated staff of these districts by providing an additional $250 per month in rental assistance. This initiative is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the educators and staff who ignite the spark of knowledge in our communities every day.

A Community-Centric Approach

Our efforts go beyond bricks and mortar. We are committed to building communities. By focusing on areas where housing needs are most acute, we are fostering environments where individuals, families, and educators can prosper. Our approach ensures that essential workers, educators, and many others who are the backbone of our local economies have access to safe, affordable, and quality housing.

The Impact of Our Work

The ripple effects of our work are felt far and wide. By providing workforce housing options, we are contributing to the overall economic stability and growth of our communities. Residents enjoy a higher quality of life with less financial stress, and educators can focus on their critical work, knowing they have a secure and affordable home.

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